• Provide an introduction for curriculum goals in a variety of subjects.

  • Promote social interaction, and formation of friendships.

  • Encourage playing of games at home and at school.

  • Provide historical and geographical insights through the study of games.

  • Develop strategy and prediction skills through game play.

  • Demonstrate conflict resolution and dynamics of winning and losing.

  • Promote creativity and imagination through game making.


  • History of board games.

  • Types of games.

  • Game play

  • Make a traditional game.

  • Inventagame  (Students invent their own board game)

  • How to make a game cube (Magic cube)

Types of games:   There are 4 main types of board games:

  • Positional – Games where the goal is to place pieces in a certain position often to form lineal relationships. (Tic tac toe)

  • War–The object is to remove the opponent pieces or capture a certain piece. (Chess)

  • Race – Goal is to reach a certain point before the other players (Snakes and ladders)

  • Mancala – Sowing seed games where pieces are picked up and placed in other sections, the goal being to collect more seeds than the opponent. (Mancala)