Tigers and Goats

TIGERS AND GOATS                   SQUARE 21                    INDIA / NEPAL

This war / position game pits the wits of 3 ferocious tigers against the strength in numbers of a herd of 15 goats comes from Nepal and is also popular across India.

PIECES:  3 Tigers of one colour, 15 goats of a different colour

RULES: At the start of the game all the 3 tigers are placed on the apex, and 2 inner places closest to the apex. All goats start off the board. (see start position)

The pieces are placed at the intersection of the board lines and moves follow these lines.

The player controlling the goats moves first by placing a goat onto a free intersection

One tiger is then moved to an adjacent position along the lines.

A tiger captures a goat by jumping over it to an adjacent free position (like draughts).

Goats can’t jump over tigers and can’t move until all 15 are on the board.

The tigers can only capture one goat at a time from the start of the game.

They can jump over a goat in any direction.  A tiger cannot jump over another tiger

TO WIN: Tiger wins when 5 goats are captured. Goat wins if all tigers are blocked from movement.

Players should change roles with tigers becoming goats and vice versa after each game.

START POSITION                                         GAME IN PROGRESS