‘Working with Michael was an absolute inspiration. His enthusiasm for the project was infectious and consequently he motivated all the staff and children that he worked with.
Parents and children have enjoyed the vibrancy of the artwork and the fact that it was personalized for our school made it even more special.
The resources that Michael provided and helped the children to make added to the dynamic of the square.
A fantastic resource for any school!’
Miss Julia Brooks
Wicklewood Primary School and Nursery
We were very excited to be the first school in England to have a Magic Square. It is a fantastic outside resource that has helped develop the mathematical skills of all of the children in our school. What is great about the square is that it is accessible on some level to children of all ages and abilities. Whilst the younger children use it for simple number recognition the older children are able to use if for far more complicated mathematical problem solving. It’s possibilities are endless. Moreover, since it is on the playground the children are able to use it during every break time to develop their own creative games and activities. I think every school should have one.
Madelaine Ward   Reception Teacher   Drayton Infants School Norwich
  I cannot speak highly enough of Mikee and the concept of The Magic Square.  I first encountered it at my daughter’s school where I am a governor.  My daughter was so excited about it all and came home giving me daily updates on its development.  Once it was completed, she would tell me how her and her friends had been playing their own games on the square and how they were using it in their learning too.  I subsequently began setting up an installation at the Norfolk primary school I then taught at.  Throughout the design process, Mikee was engaging with all the children, staff and families.  He made sure he took on board the children’s ideas so that the finished Magic Square reflected our school community.  We also welcomed his lovely children from Columbia into our classes, which gave all the children an opportunity to learn more about South America and learn some Spanish.  Mikee shared with all staff ideas for games to play on the Magic Square.  I frequently used it for maths warm ups with my Year 2 class and they had a great afternoon working in teams to make up their own games, which they taught to our Year 1 and EYFS classes.  I would not hesitate to recommend Mikee and The Magic Square, which will truly transform your school environment.
Becki Jennings ,former teacher Old Buckenham Primary Norwich