The Magic Cube is a fold-able , double sided , invertible cube that can be painted on its 12 faces  with board games ,puzzles or designed for a specific project or curriculum goal.

It can be used as a table for playing games ,rolled as a dice to generate a image randomly or used as a box for placing mirrors, speakers  or mystery objects inside.

It can fold in on itself becoming 6 squares on top of each other for easy storage .

How to make a Magic Cube can be shown in a workshop where students draw ,  fold , stick , add paper mache , design and paint their own to take home

Alternative Magic Cube designs , Geometric shapes , Dice nets , Physics /Chemistry  (Atom models, Planets ,Double Helix) Countries ( Flags , Egypt, Roman )  Animals , Human Body ,Times Tables , Famous people (Archimedes ,Leonardo de Vinci) Religions (symbols) , Dance moves