There are 6 sensory cubes which community room users can use to stimulate senses and explore perception in its various form . The sensory cubes can be made with a number of different features focusing  on a specific sense or workshops exist to show students how to design and make their own .

SIGHT CUBE: Contains 2 oppositely reflective opening doors one mirror, one with cd’s ,eye openings and a magnifying glass all looking in on the inside of the cube which contains crossed sticks to add strength to the structure and for hanging objects , Cube comes with 2 L.E.D.’s, 1 red and 1 white which can be set on permanent or pulse settings ,these lights (or other objects for investigation can then be viewed in  a variety of ways (reflective ,magnified ,normal ,cd reflection (rainbow patterns formed by the constructive and destructive interference of the light hitting the film of the cd.).

SOUND CUBE: Contains a Bluetooth speaker so any sound file on a smart phone can be sent to the cube, e.g. music for performance or mood setting, recorded sounds made by children or ambient sounds for relaxing (waves etc). The sound cube also has a bell, a small pot for placing a variety of small objects for shaking and some metal tops for banging together.

SMELL CUBE: Contains 9 small smell boxes with Velcro sealed doors and holes in the top so children can guess/describe the smell with or without seeing the object inside. Objects that can be used for smells include cinnamon ,coffee ,mint

TOUCH CUBE: Has a different texture on each face ,possible ones  are: Bumpy: Rocks, bubble wrap, lego pieces                Smooth: Paper, plastic , polished stones , marbles Rough: Tree bark, sandpaper, scouring pad.Fluffy: Cotton wool, carpet , fur, feathers Slippery: Plastic ,Tin foil , Grainy: Salt, sugar, or sand in a tub. .Some of these materials can’t easily be placed on the face of the cube in which case one face in a door and the materials can be placed inside.

             TASTE CUBE: Contains a serving plate with small indentations (we used a new paint mixing pallet) where small portions of different foods can be placed for trying .Liquids can be placed in a bottle and placed into the large jar for trying through  straws, The straw can fit through a hole in the top of the box to add mystery or a blindfold can be used to  hide  the foods from  sight .

                  E.S.P. CUBE: To introduce ideas of a 6th sense and the ability to explore other ways of perception and space a Magic cube can be made which folds up and can be made into a cube where objects    can be placed and the student has to try and guess what the object is by “reading the mind” of the facilitator .For  older children concepts such as Quantum physics ,wave and particle duality  and Schrodinger’s  cat can be  examined.