Community room

  • The community room is an inside area , based loosely on sensory rooms that are mainly used with children with S.E.N. ‘s  The difference with a community room is that is it a  multi-functional  all inclusive space and not only for children and adults  with specific characteristics.

  • It can be used as an room for stimulating the senses ,imagination .creativity  and confidence of its users.

  • Provide a more holistic (complete) educational approach combining art ,theatre, music ,games and colour with specific educational goals in a range of subjects.

  • Presents subjects such as math ,languages ,science and the humanities in a more fun ,interactive ,interesting way ,Paving the way to ignite a desire for knowledge in subjects that may have been seen as “boring” or “too difficult”

  • The community room can form a bridge between the student and assessment and identification of hidden learning difficulties which may have been overlooked in the classroom setting.

  • It can be designed and created in conjunction with a school’s students ,staff ,parents and community through a series of workshops increasing a sense of ownership where possible objects already found at the school and in the community can be transformed “upcycled”  ( meaning “community rooms” cost 10 times less than traditional sensory rooms.) teaching new skills and forming links


Story corner, Rainbow wall,  Mystery Box, Shoe rack, Barefoot stimulation, Forest floor,  Mobiles,                                         Swings and HammocksInstruments Box,

Exhibition tables, CorkboardMagnetic Chalk WallElement wallsThrowing Paint Corner, Scientists Table